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Learn about the team by My LTC 123 and what long-term care planning means to us on a personal level.

Our Team

Brooke Crane-Acre, CFP®

Executive Officer & Founder

Cailen Headshot.jpg

Cailen Pirkola

Administrative Specialist

Our Story

For the past 20 years, Brooke Crane-Acre's business has been primarily focused on assisting her clients with retirement planning, general savings, and college planning. During that time however, she began noticing a greater need for long-term care planning among her clients. What she did not see was much discussion around the topic.


Brooke also saw the need for long-term care planning right within her own family. Her maternal grandfather lived to be 99 years old and lived on his own the entire time. Her paternal grandfather lived to be 97 years old and spent the last four years of his life in an assisted living facility.

Long-term care can be difficult to talk about and Brooke understands this. It is for this reason that My LTC 123 came to be. She wanted to create a place for people to feel comfortable asking questions, educated in how long-term care planning works, and confident that they are making the best decision based on their individual needs.

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