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Cailen Pirkola

Cailen Pirkola is an Administrative Specialist and a vital part of our Wealth Reimagined Group team since 2021.


She believes that everyone should be able to have the opportunity for financial stability and that no matter the situation, given a little guidance and a supportive hand with the resources that we are able to provide, each goal set by our clients is obtainable. She has a firm belief in our core values: Learn, Plan, Live.


Cailen attended Oakland University and received the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor by excelling to the top 15% of her university within her first year.


She spent most of her childhood with her grandparents, who played a vital role in shaping who she is today. Through the struggles and achievements we all go through as we grow older, her grandparents were her biggest cheerleaders and role models.


Long Term Care is important to Cailen, in 2021 her grandfather was diagnosed with end-stage Lung Cancer. She spent time at home taking care of her grandfather and learned the importance of setting up a plan for care during this difficult time. Not only did it allow her family to prepare for the grief that follows with losing a loved one, but ensured her grandfather’s estate and her grandmonther would be taken care of as he wished.


Please feel free to reach out to Cailen or any member of our team with any questions regarding our business and scheduling your free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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