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Worried about forgetting something? Check out our planning checklists designed to help get your affairs in order.

Story Time

Estate Planning Checklist

Have preparations been made for once you're gone? This is a difficult subject for many, however it is one that should not be ignored. If you have specific desires, it is important to outline them now so they can be executed when the time comes.

Items to Consider:

  • Make or update your will

  • Make a living will

  • Create your durable powers of attorney

  • Establish a trust(s), if appropriate

  • Pre-plan your funeral

  • Create a business succession plan

  • Review life insurance policy(s) for coverage and beneficiary designations

  • Review pension, 401(k), and other retirement plans for beneficiary designation

  • Purchase long-term care insurance

Vertical File Cabinet

Important Documents Checklist

Do you have a filing system in place for your important documents? Stay organized by keeping a record of where your documents are located along with any special instructions you would like your loved ones to follow if they need to manage them.

Items to Consider:

  • Marriage and birth certificates

  • Military papers

  • Medical records

  • Social security card

  • Mortgage(s)

  • Vehicle title

  • Deeds

  • Passport

  • Tax statements

  • Personal property titles

  • Bank and credit card statements

Using laptop

Online Access Checklist

As our personal information becomes increasingly connected to technology, steps must be taken to avoid getting locked out. Keep a secure record of your login credentials so that you and your loved ones can retain access to your online accounts.

Items to Consider:

  • Smartphone or tablet

  • Computer or laptop

  • Email address

  • Online banking accounts

  • Personal financial planning software

  • Social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

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