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Family Vacation


Learn about some of the factors that will be considered as we develop an LTC plan tailored to your personal needs.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Health Assessment

We will review the client's medical history, current state of health, and the likelihood of receiving coverage from medical insurance.

Relevant Questions Include:

  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?

  • Are you currently taking any medications?

  • Have you received any surgical procedures?

  • Do you smoke, vape, or use recreational drugs?


Financial Assessment

We will review the client's household income and net worth, including established retirement investments, savings, and assets.

Relevant Questions Include:

  • How much do you receive from Social Security, pensions, and other income sources?

  • What are your average monthly expenses?

  • What assets do you currently possess?

  • Do you have a life insurance policy in place?

Couple Sitting with Financial Advisor

Identify Concerns & Goals

We will discuss desires for how an extended healthcare event should be handled, with the primary goal being affordable protection against LTC expenses.

Relevant Questions Include:

  • What are your biggest concerns about planning for an LTC event?

  • Where would you like to receive care?

  • Who do you want to communicate with your caregivers if needed?

  • Are there any friend or family LTC experiences you would like to emulate or avoid?

We recommend our Care Questionnaire as a useful exercise for reflecting on your LTC desires.

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